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The RSPCA has received over one hundred calls related to puppy farming in Cheshire this year

The RSPCA has welcomed a government announcement today to tighten the laws surrounding the illegal puppy trade in England.

The animal charity say they’ve received double the amount of calls on the issue this year compared to last. 117 calls to do with the illegal sale of puppies were made in Cheshire.

One of the new laws to be introduced is a ban on puppies being sold online and without the presence of their mother.

Puppies bred in a so-called “puppy farm” are kept in terrible conditions and are often sick and poorly cared for.

Speaking about the effect the effect that unknowingly buying a puppy from an online seller¬†David Bowles, head of public affairs at the RSPCA said:¬†“You’ve set your heart on getting this puppy and then you find out that it’s sick you have to spend literally thousands in vet fees. Sometimes the puppy dies and of course that’s a whole issue of heartbreak.”

The new laws are due to come in from October.

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