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Posted on by Phil Munns

Drivers being stuck in rush hour traffic cost Chester more than £150 million last year.

Every motorist spent an average of 20 hours in traffic at peak times in 2017 at cost per-driver of £886.51.

Traffic firm Inrix have compiled and released the data which counts the extra cost of fuel and missed work time.

People living in Warrington had to waste an extra two hours (22) in their vehicles compared to Chester while Manchester was named the second worst city outside of London (39 hours).

The nation as a whole was ranked the 10th most congested in the world.

Dr. Graham Cookson, Chief Economist at Inrix, said: “One of the big drivers of congestion across the whole of the UK in our big cities is e-commerce. Lots of vans driving round delivering all our parcels and goodies that we’ve purchased online. We need to find a way of distributing these parcels more efficiently.”

He believes that utilising technology like that used on the nations motorways could help urban areas: “We can also think about the greater use of smart technologies. Smart motorways have been a huge success. We need to think creatively about how we can use that same technology in our cities today.”

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