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A 27 year old man from Winsford has been handed a prison sentence at Chester Crown Court, having been found guilty of rape.

Graham Kettlewell of Crossfield Avenue, Winsford walked his victim home in the early hours of January, 17 2016.

On arrival the woman had gone to bed, waking to find the 27 year old on top of her. She objected, and a confrontation between the two followed over text message the following morning.

An investigation was lauched, leading to his initial arrest. At Chester Crown Court, he pleaded not guilty but was later convicted.

Cheshire Police DC Sophia Haywood said, “The impact on the victim has been devastating. The rape has left her confidence in tatters. She has suffered emotionally and mentally, becoming withdrawn and deeply distrusting of men, but with support from family, friends and specialists – and with justice being done – we hope she can start to try and rebuild her life.

“The victim was asleep which was clearly an indication she was unable to consent. I hope this conviction goes as a warning to people that if a man or a woman is unable to consent, that is rape and you will be arrested and put before the courts.

“If the person is too drunk, unconscious or even changes their mind, it means no. As we have seen in this case, ignoring this can have far reaching consequences not only for the victim, but for the offender – affecting not only the offender’s liberty, but the rest of their life.”

He’ll serve five and a half years behind bars, and has been ordered to sign onto the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Image: 27 year old Graham Kettlewell of Crossfield Avenue, Winsford sentenced to five and a half years in prison for the rape of a woman while she slept back in January 2016.

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